30 Before 30


Birthday. Your average adult is, at best, indifferent to the word. Many people break a sweat at the thought of the day that marks yet another year older. The questions you ask yourself can be panic-inducing…”What have I gotten done? What haven’t I gotten done? Why doesn’t my life look like I’d hoped? Will it ever be what I’d hoped?”

It’s kind of sad to me, this seemingly inevitable exchange of childhood birthday magic for adult dread of being reminded “one day older”. But “old” is NOT a dirty word! When will we accept the lines of laughter-years as more beautiful than the “flawless” faces of youth?

Patina trumps perfect.

I know, ask me my opinion in ten years and I might think differently. :)

There is, however, a case for mourning the loss of the innocence of youth. This is the most real and ancient ache in existence….it clings to the root of the heart with claws of iron. BUT. Why can’t one be mature and still innocent? Chase after wholesome? Find contentment in the simple wonder of sunshine, a warm smile, your own imagination…I think is possible. And I want it.

Which brings me to the point of this post.

Today is my birthday and I’m ecstatic about it! I’m grateful to have been born, grateful to be living another day of life, and I’m just the tiniest bit excited about getting my way all day. :) Birthdays have a way of making this list-happy girl kick into overdrive thinking about what I want to improve, how I want to live differently. So now I’m pushing the big 3-0, and I must say, it’s all positive here. Welcoming it with open arms, even. I respect the confidence and identity women seem to gain during this decade of life. I see myself moving in that direction but I’m not quite there yet. There is some growing I need to do, some fear conquering, some oh-my-gosh-just-do-that-thing-you’ve-been-talking-about-forever.

So in order to finish out my last year of my 20’s well, and also to put myself in a position to take on my 30’s with elegance and freedom, I’ve mined my heart for what I want to accomplish.

Here’s the yield… my 30-before-30 list!

1. Sew a gown for the Renaissance Festival

2. Handle disappointment with grace

3. DNA test Posie to find out her breeds

4. Get up early just to view the sunrise and truly experience it

5. Attend a creative workshop

6. Wear more dresses

7. Go to a drive-in movie

8. Work more apple cider vinegar into my diet

9. Go to the beach in the Winter

10.  Start Big Guns Boot Camp with Skipp

11. Finish reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy

12. Be Skipp’s sanctuary

13. Teach the pups to lay down, wait

14. Lighten up!

15. Go night swimming in a lake just to get over the fear

16. Learn how to do cartwheels and do them regularly

17. Make a year-in-pictures book on blurb.com

18. Drink more green tea

19. Wear cute pj’s

20. Send postcards, preferably vintage, when I’m home (I’m a great believer in “fun mail”)

21. Build a treehouse

22. Improve my memory

23. Lead a more Spirit-led life

24. Start a blog (have to add something I can immediately check off- it’s motivating!)

25. Go salsa dancing

26. Do a Family-In-5-Shots photo project

27. Fix the computer…..arg

28. Take more risks

29. Kayak twice a month

30. Sing a high D in my chest voice dependably. :)

As always, I welcome your thoughts!


About Lora Kathryn

Hi! I'm Lora- painter, nutrition coach, songwriter, hiker, Jesus-follower, art journaler, home restorer, singer, and natural food experimentalist. I delight in being married to my high school sweetheart and parenting our two rescue pups, Wally and Posie. We live in a Civil War era farmhouse in rural Georgia where we enjoy forging a simple, holistic lifestyle.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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