The Soldier with Roses


It was an ordinary morning at the grocery store, full of moms juggling toddlers, and veeeeerrrrryyyyyyy slow shoppers shuffling down the center of the aisle. My tendency is to drag race past the canned peaches and BOGO pizza crusts trying desperately to get out and get on with my life. But as I turned a corner, a sight stopped me like State Patrol.

He looked like he’d seen a few battles…been overseas…prepared himself for the ultimate sacrifice. He was seasoned.

BUT, he was uncalloused¬†as he pondered the perfect rose color in the floral department. Maybe he just couldn’t decide, because he pulled two bouquets out of their water buckets. I wonder if the roses were for two daughters…two little princesses waiting for him at home. Or maybe both bouquets were for his wife. He looked like the type who would love her as extravagantly as he gives himself to his work. One of the bouquets might even have been for his mother, because undoubtedly he understands the sacrifices of others and seeks to express his gratitude.

This soldier’s intentions will forever remain a mystery to me.

But whatever the story, he displayed a life of loving well; fighting for those he loves, but also going beyond that to tend their hearts, as well. What an example…what a role model.

I definitely salute that.



About Lora Kathryn

Hi! I'm Lora- painter, nutrition coach, songwriter, hiker, Jesus-follower, art journaler, home restorer, singer, and natural food experimentalist. I delight in being married to my high school sweetheart and parenting our two rescue pups, Wally and Posie. We live in a Civil War era farmhouse in rural Georgia where we enjoy forging a simple, holistic lifestyle.


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