About Me

imageHi! I’m Lora- painter, nutrition coach, songwriter, hiker, Jesus-follower, art journaler, home restorer, mermaid enthusiast, singer, and natural food experimentalist. I delight in being married to my high school sweetheart, Skipp, and parenting our two rescue pups, Wally and Posie. We live in a Civil War era farmhouse in rural Georgia where we enjoy forging a simple, holistic lifestyle.

One of my strongest beliefs is that we are all made to be creative. Maybe not in the traditional artist/designer sense, but in trying a new recipe, planning a fishpond for the backyard, rebuilding an engine, even decorating your house for Christmas!

As we create and are mindful of the beauty and meaning it adds to our everyday, our lives become artful. I want us all to live more of that life.

And so this little blog was born…to enthusiastically pursue that artful life.

I’m so grateful you stopped by and chose to spend a bit of your precious time here with me! And when you’re done reading- go make something! :D


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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